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At TLANT, we bake tasty, local products that are perfectly suited to a balanced lifestyle. Our granola is all about simplicity, which is why it is such a great product. Nothing but seeds, nuts, grains and berries, that have been oven-baked with honey and date syrup, without any added sugars.

GRANOLA Sneaky Cinnamon

Oven-baked gluten-free cereals with walnuts, cranberries, buckwheat and a delicious mix of cinnamon and star anise


GRANOLA Crumbling Coconut

Oven-baked gluten-free cereals with nuts, ginger, sunflower seeds and coconut! For anyone who enjoys exotic flavours

GRANOLA Shocking Chocolate

Oven-baked gluten-free cereals with hazelnuts, amaranth and lashings of dark, Belgian chocolate!

GRANOLA Whizzy Walnut

Oven-baked gluten-free cereals with walnuts, hazelnuts, dates, sunflower seeds, raisins, spices and vanilla



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World of TLANT

The World of TLANT is a world in which health and pleasure are the kind of opposites that attract. Discover the incredible punch that TLANT granola packs and enjoy our pure “Bakemanship”!

Hier groeit granola
Remco Biesma *Friends of Tlant*
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Sneaky Cinnamon
Haver uit eigen streek
Bewuste levensstijl
Crumbling Coconut
Gezond, biologisch, lokaal
Whizzy Walnut
Recommended storage
Shocking Chocolate
Healthy Indulgence

What is Granola?

“TLANT” granola is a delicious mix of cereals, nuts, seeds and berries. TLANT granola is similar to muesli but has a rich, full taste as it was baked the old-fashioned way in a traditional oven.

TLANT granola is 100% natural and does not contain any refined sugar. The secret recipe of the bakers at TLANT derives its flavoursome taste from date syrup, honey and a pinch of sea salt! Only good and healthy stuff in other words!

A healthy start of the day

TLANT’s granolas are jam-packed with baked nuts, seeds and cereals, that will kick-start your metabolism. The nutrients are nicely balanced, so you can start your day feeling healthy and energised.

Delivers long-lasting energy

TLANT granola only contains natural sugars, derived from honey and date syrup. These sugars prevent a spike in your sugar levels and make sure your energy is gradually released throughout the day.

Stimulates your digestion

TLANT granola is an excellent source of vitamin B2, B3 and B6. Vitamin B has a beneficial influence on your digestion and metabolism

No refined sugars

TLANT granolas do not contain any added sugars. We only used natural, unrefined sugars. TLANT granola is baked with honey and date syrup as a natural sweetener.

A rich source of natural antioxidants

TLANT granola is jam-packed with nuts that are a good source of antioxidants. These nutrients play an important role in the body’s proper functioning. They protect against “free radicals” and provide support for your immune system.

Your own healthy, tasty creation

TLANT granola is a perfect base for endless creations. A handful of TLANT granola and a tub of yoghurt or fromage frais and you have the perfect treat! 

Healthy organic oats

TLANT granola is produced using gluten-free oats, that are produced by our local, organic farmers. Oats contain a lot of fibre, and promote excellent digestion for healthy intestines. You won’t feel bloated after eating oats, compared to wheat in muesli. Oats also contain a good balance of various nutrients.

Good for your heart

TLANT granola is chock-full of nuts. Nuts consist of 75% healthy, unsaturated fats. They help reduce your blood cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Suited for vegetarians

TLANT granola is jam-packed with nuts, seeds and grains. Our granola is extremely nutritious, making it eminently suited for vegetarians. 


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Our Awesome friends

TLANT can rely on a large circle of friends who are also food service professionals. They are passionate about TLANT products and serve them to their guests with conviction. They are our real ambassadors.


Delicious Granola

TLANT granola is 100% natural and does not contain any refined sugar. The secret recipe of the bakers at TLANT derives its flavoursome taste from date syrup, honey and a pinch of sea salt! Only good and healthy stuff in other words!

100% Gluten free

TLANT granola is entirely gluten-free and is baked in a bakery where no products containing gluten are processed!

100% Natural Sugars

TLANT granola only contains healthy sugars, from date syrup and honey. We do not add any refined sugars to our granola. 

100% Organic

All the ingredients in TLANT granola are sourced from organic farmers and are grown with respect for nature and the environment


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Here you can find promotion goodies, digital folders,.. of the world of TLANT, where health and pleasure aren't rivals, but friends. Discover the powerful force of TLANT Granola and enjoy the pure "Bakemanship"!

Woody breakfast dash

As cool as it sounds ! Made of 100% recycled wood, you can add a visual extra for your guests to present our granola! Starting today, we make a free gadget every month, which will improve the experience of your guests. Stay in touch and don’t forget to request your own woody breakfast dash !


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